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It is the Drink, Work and Me vision that every employee working in Northern Ireland will have insight into the impact of alcohol, and the supports available to reduce alcohol related harm.
We hope to achieve our aim through a programme of education, training and treatment.

Line Management Training

Line Management Training is designed to enable those with supervisory responsibility to recognise the impact of alcohol related harm on the individual and the workplace. Participants will learn how to have an initial conversation about alcohol related issues, and how to proactively address alcohol related harm.

Alcohol Clinics

Alcohol clinics offer a private and relaxed space where individuals can talk one-to-one with a skilled alcohol worker. The clinics offer a chance to learn more, to ask questions, and to discuss concerns.

Brief Treatment

The Brief Treatment service is for anyone concerned that alcohol is affecting them in a negative way. Brief treatment will help the individual to examine their alcohol use, and will give information and practical ideas about changing drinking habits.


The Counselling service is for anyone concerned that alcohol is affecting them in a negative way. This service offers a professional, twelve-week treatment programme tailored to the specific needs of the individual.


Drink, Work and Me aims to establish a lasting legacy within each participating business. This is achieved through the development of a Learning Network, backed by a Workplace Champion, and supported by Alcohol Awareness Trainers and Trusted Colleagues.

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